ASRI works with a variety of local, regional, national, and international organizations to achieve a common goal of improving human and environmental health.


  • Health In Harmony

    ASRI works closely together with Health In Harmony in the United States. Health In Harmony was founded as a friends-of organization to support the work of ASRI in Indonesia. Health In Harmony provides funds, expertise, and volunteer coordination. Please see the list of wonderful donors who have contributed to Health In Harmony to fund work at ASRI. Health In Harmony’s long term goal is to foster the replication of this model of combining human and environmental health around threatened ecosystems all over the world. Photo at left shows ASRI’s own Etty Rahmawati and Hotlin Ompussunggu in front of Etty’s poster at the Zoos & Aquariums Committing to Conservation Conference (ZACC) in Seattle WA. Etty won the gold prize for this poster.


  • Kayong Utara Department of Family Planning (BPMPDP-KB)

    The department of Family Planning provides ASRI with free birth control that we help distribute and encourage patients to use. Birth control is one of the few things that ASRI offers for free. Adorable little baby Rahma (to left) is being raised by her grandmother after her mother died in childbirth with her fourth child. We are working together with the local government to decrease maternal and infant mortality.

  • Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program

    GPOCP, otherwise knows as Yayasan Palung, is a local NGO that works to increase awareness about the importance of conserving Gunung Palung National Park and protecting orangutans. We feel lucky to have their expertise and advice on lots of projects. See their website for more details.

  • The Regional Government of Kayong Utara

    ASRI is grateful for all the assistance of the regional government in supporting our work and helping to protect Gunung Palung National Park. We have also been honored to work together with them and other local stakeholders to explore options for carbon financing and sustainable development. The photo at left shows Dr. Hotlin Ompussungu receiving an award from the head of the Regency for their very highest appreciation of the work ASRI has done.

  • Kayong Utara Department of Health

    ASRI works closely with the Kayung Utara Department of Health to improves the health of the Regency. Besides reporting and coordinating on a regular basis, we also work together on immunizations, yearly free cataract surgeries, teaching sessions and collaboration on control of tuberculosis, malaria, dengue fever, HIV and leprosy. We are honored to be able to work so closely together with our colleagues from the department of health and are grateful for all their help. Photo at left shows some of the 56 midwives who participated in a joint training session between ASRI and the Department of Health thanks to a generous donation from the Osborne Foundation.

  • Gunung Palung National Park

    ASRI works closely with the Gunung Palung National Park Office. We have collaborated in reforestation projects, conservation education and aerial monitoring of the park through their microlight airplane. We encourage tourists to visit this wonderful National Park. See website. Photo at left shows pilot training that was made possible through a grant to Health In Harmony from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.