Conservation Outreach & Education

ASRI places an enormous emphasis on partnering with villagers in local communities. It’s a two-way exchange of information. Villagers tell ASRI about their needs, problems, and concerns, most of which fall into categories of poverty, health, or environment.

ASRI encourages this flow of information, often aiding the process by using creative tools that help villagers identify and articulate the problems — cardboard cutouts of chain links used to connect illustrations of local problems, e.g., floods, malaria, poverty, is one effective tool that encourages hands-on involvement and teamwork to identify problems and connections.

ASRI helps villagers to understand the links between their livelihoods, health, and environmental concerns. Together, ASRI and local communities construct ways to crack those links.

Spreading the word

Last year, with help from Emmy award winning TV producer, Janet Tobias and her production company IkanaMedia, we created a film that features largely in ASRI’s outreach work. Previous volunteer, Esme Cullen, co-produced the film.