ASRI concerns with both human and environmental health. ASRI conserves Gunung Palung National Park and improves standard of health in the neighborhood villages. Due to the relevancy between human and environmental health, all of our conservation work is connected to health and health care, and all of our health care work is integrated with conservation work.

These days, ASRI’s major initiatives are:

  • Health Care Clinic – provide high quality, but low cost medical care to local villagers.

  • Mobile Clinic Unit – visit remote communities around Gunung Palung National Park monthly

  • Organic Farming project – teach local farmers about a safe and healthy agriculture, which means improving soil quality; steer them away from slash-and-burn agriculture.

  • Goats for Widows – provide a mated pair of goats to widows. Recipients will return the first two baby goats to ASRI, to be provided to other widows, as well as sacks of manure to be used in organic farming.

  • Reforestation project – engage local communities to help stock a seedling nursery, replant deforested areas of Gunung Palung, and protect these reforestation plots.

  • Forest Guardians – recruits a representative from every village community around the park to assist the conservation programs.
  • Forest Guardians

    Formed in 2010, Forest Guardian is an ASRI program to conserve Gunung Palung National Park which involves the locals. ASRI recruits a representative from every village community around the park to assist the conservation programs. Representatives of Forest Guardian participate and monitor every reforestation efforts of their own community. They also have to keep an […]

  • Organic Gardening

    We partner with local communities to train farmers in organic farming techniques to reduce the use of slash and burn agriculture.

  • Health Care

    We work to sever the links between poverty, ill-health and ecological damage by letting poor communities “pay” for healthcare by becoming guardians of the forests where gibbons and orangutans live.

  • Reforestation

    The reforestation program educates local communities about the value of the rain forest and provides them opportunities to participate in restoring damaged areas.

  • Goats for Widows

    ASRI has provided 67 goats to 35 widows and their families to help improve the livelihoods of the area’s most disadvantaged households.