• Kinari Webb, MD

    Dr. Webb first developed the vision for this work when studying orangutans in 1993 at Gunung Palung National Park. There she encountered not only a beautiful and threatened natural environment but also the dire health needs of the people surrounding the National Park.

    After her experience in Indonesia, Kinari decided to become a physician and return to Indonesia to work together with local communities both to improve their health and to preserve the natural environment. Dr. Webb graduated from Yale University School of Medicine with honors and then completed her residency in Family Medicine at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in Martinez, California. Dr. Webb has traveled to Indonesia numerous times since 1993 to study orangutans, do research on child mortality and malnutrition, and work as a physician. She responded soon after the tsunami in Aceh and was one of the few foreign physicians there who spoke Indonesian. Immediately after residency she moved with her husband Cam Webb (see below) to Indonesia and spent a year traveling around Indonesia looking for the best place to begin a combined human and environmental health program. In an interesting twist of fate, the best place turned out to be the place where Kinari and Cam first met, Gunung Palung National Park. Here there was forest that could still be saved, a supportive government, and unmet health care needs.

    Then with Antonia Gorog, Hotlin Ompusunggu and the assistance of many others, the vision began to come to fruition.

  • Hotlin Ompusunggu, CeHE

    • Head of the ASRI non-profit
    • Dentist

    Dr. Hotlin, a licensed dentist, comes originally from Sumatra. She has four years experience serving in an Indonesian government clinic in a rural part of Sumatra, including two years as the director of a mobile clinic and on-board dentist that traveled via boat in rural Sumatra. She also coordinated medical and dental teams in the wake of the Tsunami in Aceh. She completed a one year diploma in Community Development and Higher Education while living in England before co-founding ASRI with Kinari Webb, and Antonia Gorog. Hotlin’s goal has always been to work together with under-served communities and at ASRI she became increasingly passionate about conservation as well. In 2011 Hotlin was awarded a prestigious Whitley Fund for Nature Conservation Award. See more here

  • Antonia Gorog, PhD

    Antonia Gorog, one of our original co-founders, is currently on sabbatical from the  US side of our work at Health In Harmony as the program director. Antonia is an ecologist and conservationist with a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. She worked for two years as the Scientific Advisor and Species Conservation Coordinator for the Wildlife Conservation Society in Indonesia, where she coordinated programs for the conservation of Sumatran tigers, Sumatran elephants, and the maleo bird. Dr. Gorog has done extensive research at Gunung Palung National Park on mammals, has lived and worked as a biologist in Indonesia periodically since 1998, and speaks bahasa Indonesia fluently.

Pharmacy Staff

  • Indah Prihatin, S.Farm., Apt.

    Pharmacist. ASRI’s clinic administrator.
    Indah graduated from the School of Pharmacy, Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2013. Before ASRI, Indah had experience working in clinical pharmacy as an intern and temporary employee for hospitals and pharmacies. Her interest in the unique programs ASRI offers, brought her to work with ASRI. As a person with quite a lot of expertise in administration, Indah works not only as an ASRI pharmacist, but also as the clinic and website administrator. Indah is an adventurous and energetic person. She loves meeting new people and exchanging knowledge. She wishes to continue her studies in the Clinical Pharmacy Graduate Program because she has great passion for her work as a clinical pharmacist.

Nursing Staff

  • Wilfirmus, Amd. Kep.

    Human Resources Manager

    Head Nurse and Laboratory Manager.

    Wilfirimus comes originally from a small Dayak village in the upper reaches of the Kapuas River. He trained at Bethesda Hospital, West Kalimantan, where he then worked for two years on a village health care program providing immunizations, pre-natal care, and health education to extremely remote villages. He also helped with Tsunami Relief in Aceh. As part of our team, Wil is not only the head nurse but also our global warming expert. He is passionate about protecting the environment. On a given day Wil might attend a mobile clinic where he cares for patients, do lab tests on our mobile lab and also teach communities about the importance of rain forest protection not only for their future but for the future of all people on earth. This is just another example of how integrated the ASRI program is.

  • Lidya Kristiana, Amd.Kep

    Nurse and Vaccination Program Coordinator.

    Lidya was born in a little village near Gunung Palung. She finished her study in Berkala Widya Husada Nurse Academy, Jakarta. Before ASRI, Lidya had 3 years experience working in a general hospital and esthetic clinic in the capital. In the big city of Jakarta, the condition of health service seems more glamorous with large financial transactions, preventing the majority of people who needed care from obtaining it. Lydia wanted to go back to her hometown to serve the community. Her experience in Jakarta contrasts significantly with her experience serving ASRI  and she prefers the simple life. She loves that ASRI patients can pay without cash. At ASRI, this witty woman loves to be in touch with the community, and enjoys getting to know people of various backgrounds through the volunteer program.

  • Clara Sari, Amd.Kep

    Dental Nurse and Coordinator of Birth Control.

    Clara graduated from Bethesda Serukam Nurse Academy, West Borneo. Before ASRI, she worked in Public Health Center (Puskesmas) for 6 months. She decided to join ASRI for a new working challenge and started her career from zero. With her husband (Wilfirmus), she wants to wander and live independently.

    Aside working as clinician, she also enjoys serving her community outside the clinic. With new knowledge from ASRI, someday she’d like to start her own clinic.

  • Maria Martha, Amd.Kep

    Medical and dental nurse.

    Martha graduated from Academy of Nursery in Ketapang, West Borneo. Before ASRI, Martha worked at the government Health Center in Sukadana for 2 weeks, then for a palm oil company for 3 months. She moved to ASRI because she was interested in ASRI programs, especially those focusing on social health services for the community, and her concern for conservation in the Kayong Utara region. Martha values the experiences she has gained at ASRI. She also enjoys meeting new friends from abroad. She’s impressed with the kinship of the ASRI team and hopes that ASRI will be able to expand in the future and build a much needed larger facility. Someday, Martha wants to continue her education with graduate study in nursing.

  • Maskur, Amd. Kep.

    Medical Nurse

    Maskur graduated from the Nursing Diploma program at STIKES YARSI in Pontianak. Before joining ASRI, Maskur worked at the medical clinic in Pontianak for four months. He thought that ASRI was an organization with a good social caring program, so this inspired him to help the community as much as possible. Maskur wishes to spread knowledge regarding health and environmental awareness.

  • Efan Juniansyah, Amd. Kep.

    Medical Nurse

    Efan graduated from Ketapang Nursing Academy in 2013. Before joining ASRI, Efan volunteered at Sukadana Public Health Center for four months. Efan joined ASRI to gain knowledge and work experience. Efan wishes to continue his studies to learn more about Emergency Nursing and Wound Care Skill.

  • Reki Roikhan, Amd. Kep.

    Medical nurse.

    Reki graduated from Ketapang Nursing Academy, West Borneo. Before working with ASRI, he did an internship with Teluk Batang Public Health Centre. Reki was interested in working with ASRI because he wanted to learn from foreign medical specialists. The most interesting aspect of ASRI in Reki’s opinion is the mobile clinic program. Since there is not yet a hospital in this region of Western Borneo, Reki hopes ASRI will soon expand and build a hospital. Reki aspires to be a professional nurse with wide horizon of knowledge and high integrity.

Medical Staff

  • Monica Ruth Nirmala, DDS

    ASRI Executive Director.


    Monica graduated with very impressive status from one of the top ranked dental schools in Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia. She is interested in Public Health and Community Development. She decided to join ASRI, to serve rural communities and to understand and help solve the root of health problems in the region. In the future, she’d like to use her knowledge to work strategically, serving Indonesian people on wider scale. She hopes to obtain a scholarship that would allow her to continue her education and receive a Masters in Public Health.

  • Nurmilia Afriliani, MD

    ASRI’s Clinic Manager.


    Nurmilia, or more often called Nomi for short, is a doctor who graduated from Universitas Syah Kuala, Aceh. Nomi already had much experience working in hospitals and clinics in Aceh before joining ASRI. Nomi has always tried to challenge herself and gain experience in her field. She also is very devoted and does everything she can to help the community in rural areas where she works. Her love for ASRI grows every day. She enjoys her job as an ASRI doctor very much, and wants to continue her specialist education with an anesthesia program.

  • Jeng Yuliana, MD


    Yuli graduated from Universitas Pelita Harapan, Tangerang. Before joining ASRI, Yuli had lots of experience not only as clinical doctor, but also as a medical consultant and an emergency doctor. Yuli appreciates ASRI programs because they combine human and environmental health. These programs are what made Yuli decide to join ASRI. Yuli loves writing and has the spirit for learning. She wishes to continue her specialist education with a pediatric program that can give charity around the world.

  • Marisa Thimang, DDS


    Marisa is a dentist who graduated with very impressive predicate from Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Indonesia. Her interest in ASRI began with her appreciation of it’s unique idea connecting health and conservation. She decided to join  ASRI as soon as possible after graduating from university. Marisa wishes to continue her specialist education with a forensic odontology program.

  • Hafidz Alhadi Luqmana, MD


    Hafidz is a doctor who graduated with cum laude predicate from Universitas Islam Indonesia, Yogyakarta. Hafidz already had much experience working in clinics in Solo and Yogyakarta before joining ASRI. Hafidz has been very interested in nature and organization since he was in college. This interest drove him to join ASRI because ASRI combines human and environmental health. In the future he wants to be a surgeon and take a master in disaster and health management.

Conservation Staff

  • Etty Rahmawati

    Community Outreach and Conservation Education Coordinator.

    Etty came to ASRI with almost ten years of experience teaching English, including teaching in the top-ranked English language school in Bali (English First). Etty leads the ASRI Kids program – a conservation and health education program for children – as well as coordinates and runs the community outreach programs that take part in villages surround the park. She also is the go-to girl for foreign volunteers. Etty is an amazingly gifted teacher and is delighted to use her training to directly help both people and the natural environment. All of us on the ASRI team feel lucky that she is using her wonderful skills to spread the important message of protecting the natural environment.

  • Cam Webb, PhD

    Cam Webb, is not technically a staff member but he is nevertheless a critical member of the team. Cam is married to Kinari Webb who he met for the first time in 1993 at Gunung Palung National Park during his PhD research in rain forest ecology. Cam specializes in Bornean rain forest trees and now works with the Harvard University Arnold Arboretum where you can see his blog. Cam helps oversee the reforestation program and offers his support and technical expertise on all aspects of the program (including creating our medical database program).

  • Miftah Zam Achid

    Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator.

    Born in Bantul, Yogyakarta, Miftah graduated from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry University of Diponegoro, Semarang, in Central Java. Before joining ASRI, Miftah worked actively in the capacity development field, using organic farming to help poor and marginalized street children. He was also involved in organic farming community development programs for people around Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, Cianjur, in West Java, communities around Tompotika Mountain, Luwuk Banggai, Central Sulawesi and in the Aileu District in Timor Leste.

    Miftah also has experience working in environmental regulation and community development around the area of Lesan Protection Forest, which is located at the headwaters of Kelay River, Berau Regency, East Kalimantan.

    At ASRI, Miftah is working towards his vision of increasing the capacity of farmers in order to help those individuals and the country of Indonesia.

  • Setyawati

    Goats for Widows Coordinator.

    Setyawati, known as Tya, is a local from Sukadana. She has a degree in education from Universitas Terbuka. She first started her career at ASRI as a member of an organic farming group, and was then offered to be involved in another ASRI program called Green Kitchen. Tya was eventually offered a job as the coordinator for the Goats for Widows program at ASRI,  where she is responsible for transporting the goats from the sellers to the widows. Sometimes, due to the poor access to some of the villages, she needs to transport the goats via motorbike alone, which has earned her the title of being the wonder woman of the Conservation Team. After delivering the goats, she constantly visits the widows, gives them classes on how to optimize goat manure as fertilizers and other similar classes. She really enjoys her work at ASRI because it involves traveling to villages where she has never been before, and where she can meet new people and have the chance to help them.

  • Muhammad Yusuf

    Organic Farming Facilitator.

    Muhammad Yusuf is known as Jili at ASRI. He is from Sukadana and has been living in the village his whole life. Jili was a logger before he joined ASRI in 2009. He heard about ASRI from word-of-mouth and was finally approached by Kinari Webb to stop logging and work at ASRI. Jili now facilitates ASRI’s organic farming classes and seminars. Occasionally, he also partners with Tya, helping her with the Goats for Widows program. He is really grateful for his time at ASRI because he has been learning about various conservation issues, including about agro-forestry and reforestation. He is glad that he is now able to share his knowledge with others and as an impact he has gained a lot of new friends.

  • Fransciscus Xaverius

    Reforestation Manager.

    Frans graduated from Universitas Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. Before joining ASRI, Frans already had some experience with reforestation and community development from working with Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) and Kalimantan Forest and Climat Partnership (KFCP). Frans joined ASRI because of his interest in combined programs with human and environmental health.

  • Erica Pohnan

    Erica helps ASRI conservation team. She originally came to ASRI as a volunteer for the reforestation program, while studying on a fellowship at the University of Gadjah Mada. Erica holds a masters degree from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and has been working on forestry issues in Indonesia for over five years. Prior to Indonesia, Erica worked for Yale’s Governance, Environment and Markets Initiative and for RECOFTC, a regional NGO in Bangkok that focuses on social forestry issues in the Asia-Pacific region. She has lived and worked abroad in Japan, Peru, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia, and speaks Bahasa Indonesia and Thai.

  • Agus Supianto

    Monitoring Program Coordinator.

    Agus coordinates ASRI’s monitoring program. He works with the forest guardians and community members to identify the status of logging and hunting activity inside and near the park.  He graduated from the University of Tanjungpura in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, with a degree in forestry. Agus was born in Sukadana (the site of our clinic) and his greatest desire was to work with ASRI to improve the long-term sustainability and health of the area where he was raised.

  • Hendriadi

    Forest Guardian Coordinator.

    Hendriadi, or simply Hen, was born and raised in Sukadana, Kayong Utara Regency. After graduating from a high school in Sukadana in 2008, Hen continued his study at Universitas Tanjungpura, Pontianak and graduated with a degree in forestry in 2012. Hen was drawn to work at ASRI because of its conservation programs that focus on community development in the surrounding areas of Gunung Palung National Park. As the Forest Guardian Coordinator, Hen is responsible to coordinate 30+ forest guardians in mapping forest activity and conducting outreach for ASRI’s other conservation programs . He is also constantly evaluating and monitoring each activity undertaken by each forest guardian. For Hen, working with ASRI fulfills one of his dreams of being  able to work closely with the community where  he grew up and to give back and gain experience.


  • Yayat Aryadi

    Sedahan Reforestation Site Coordinator

    Yayat graduated from Sukadana 1 Senior High School. Before joining ASRI, Yayat worked as Gunung Palung researcher guide and assistant. As someone who was born and raised in Sedahan, Kayong Utara Regency, Yayat very familiar with Gunung Palung National Park terrain. His great passion working at reforestation and his interest to get more experiences, brings him to work with ASRI. Yayat whishes to continue his study in Forest Science and Management.

Support Staff

  • Natalia Evalinda Purba, S.Pd

    General Administration Manager.

    Lia, short for Natalia, graduated from Universitas Negeri Medan in 2003 with a degree in education. After four years in education, in 2011, Natalia was given the opportunity to work at ASRI as the DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short-course) Coordinator. As DOTS Coordinator, Lia usually visit his patients once a month to monitor and prevent them from failing to take their medications. She is very grateful for the experience of working at ASRI because it gives her a chance to learn about health and medicine. Through ASRI, she has learned the importance of teamwork, as well as listening and appreciating others.

  • Rahimatul Wasilah

    Programs Accountant.

    Rahmiatul Wasilah, famously called Ema, is a Sukadana local who actually lives right across the street from the clinic. She is currently finishing her bachelor degree in accounting at Universitas Terbuka (UT). As an accountant, Ema is responsible in handling ASRI’s cash flow, including taxation and employees salary. Ema has been enjoying her time at ASRI because she is encouraged to keep learning new things all the time. She has became more open minded as a result of her experience in working with people from all walks of life at ASRI.

  • Hamisah

    DOTS Coordinator.

    Hamisah is one of our village health workers who helps our tuberculosis patients take their medicines. She comes from a village about half an hour away from our clinic. Although she used to be a shy woman and only have a middle school education, ASRI was so impressed with her work and how much she cared for her village’s health that made her not only become ASRI DOTS coordinator, but also become the first female chief of a village in her village. She also leads a group of 52 women farmers who are all learning organic methods and made a rule that there would be no logging in her village and she has managed to get the last loggers to stop.

  • Supatma

    Registration Officer.

    Supatma, usually called Patma, is a local from Sukadana. She finished high school in Sukadana and is now continuing her study at Universitas Terbuka. She first applied to ASRI as one of the DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short-course) officers. ASRI saw her potential and gave her a position as a Registration Officer. She is now responsible in registering patients and filing their medical records. She admits that her job can sometime be challenging because she is the first person that every patient meets. She sometimes has to calm herself down whenever a patient is being hotheaded. She is glad that she joined ASRI because it encourages her to keep learning, especially about computers. Her time at ASRI is special because she actually met her husband at the clinic.

  • Yudi Mirja

    IT Staff

    Yudi is ASRI’s technical IT worker, and Mr. Cam’s assistant to help control ASRI’s information system. Yudi graduated from Ketapang Muhammadiyah Senior High School, where he was known as the “smart kid” because of his IT skill. Rather than learn these skills in the classroom, Yudi gained knowledge through work experience. Before joining ASRI, Yudi worked as computer and LAN network technician in Ketapang. Yudi first worked as network provider for ASRI, so this is how he was introduced. His interest to gain knowledge and experiencs not only about IT programs but also the other fields is what made him decide to join ASRI.

  • Nani Utari


    Nani graduated from SMA 1 Sukadana. She lives in dusun Sungai Belit, Sejahtera Village, near Gunung Palung National Park. Before working in ASRI, Nani worked as a cashier in a furniture store. She was interested to work with ASRI because of their mission and was happy to find a position that could utilize her experience and allow her to be near home.  She finds working at ASRI to be meaningful, especially learning about conservation. And she loves the people too, both the family of staff and new friends that volunteer. Nani wishes that the expansion of the clinic will be accomplished soon. In the future, she wants to continue her study in university, majoring in Indonesia Literature.

  • Januarius Romi


    Januarius Romi, usually called Romi, finished high school in Ketapang. Romi used to be a seasonal worker for the mining industry, but decided to move to Sukadana because of his family and eventually came to work at ASRI. As the driver for ASRI’s ambulance, Romi is responsible for transporting patients in many conditions, including dying patients. He said that he still gets chills when he transfers a cadaver alone. He likes working at ASRI because discrimination at work is not apparent. ASRI, according to Romi, always gives him room for improvement which is very rewarding.

The Whole Team

  • Our programs also benefit from a team of 17 village community health workers, 32 Forest Guardians who are stewards of conservation education and report on village activities, reforestation crews in 2 villages (Sedahan Jaya and Laman Satong), and a handful of daily workers who help when needed.


    Community Health Workers – DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short-course) for Tuberculosis and Leprosy


    Forest Guardians


    Reforestation Crew at Laman Satong

    Team ASRI