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ASRI Teens Observe Birds, Amphibians and Reptiles in Lubuk Baji, Gunung Palung National Park

The fresh air, lush trees, plus the occasional sound of animals and birds chirping combine with the gurgling water to create melodious music. An offering from nature created by God that will never be forgotten by ten North Kayong teenagers while in Lubuk Baji, Gunung Palung National Park. For two days (20-21/12) those who are members of the ASRI Teens group did a field trip in Mountain tourist attraction located in Sedahan Jaya Village, North Kayong Regency, West Kalimantan. The climb, which took 3 hours and was quite uphill, did not dampen their enthusiasm to reach the camp.

Field Trip ASRI Teens di Lubuk Baji, Taman Nasional Gunung Palung

Mengajarkan anak-anak tentang alam dengan Bird WatchingDi sana mereka tak hanya just sitting around relaxing enjoying nature, but they also learned various things such as an introduction to Gunung Palung National Park by Gunung Palung National Park staff. Then observe and observe birds with Sandy Leo as ASRI Research and Database Assistant. Not in vain waiting two hours while observing the sky and trees through binoculars, ASRI Teens finally found the Black-necked Takur bird (megolaima exemia), Sand Swallow (riparia riparia), Tempuruk Bird (tricholestes criniger), Cheerful Bird (orthotomus ruficeps). Even though they did not see the hornbill (buceros rhinoceros) directly, they could hear the loud sound and flapping of the hornbill's wings from a distance.

Pengamatan dan observasi amfibi dan reptil oleh remaja pecinta lingkungan di Lubuk Baji, Taman Nasional Gunung Palung

In the evening, ASRI Teens' activities were even more exciting because they had the opportunity to observe amphibians and reptiles around the forest, also known as herping. Each member of ASRI Teens is equipped with a head flashlight to facilitate observation activities. While walking along the river they were accompanied by Gunung Palung National Park staff and Sandy Leo. From the observations, several amphibians and reptiles were found, namely frogs (linnonectes kuhlii), chameleons or Giant anglehead lizards (gonocephalus grandis), and green frogs (staurois guttatus).

ASRI Teens mendapatkan pelatihan P3K

On the second day ASRI Teens also received First Aid for Accidents (P3K) training by Dr. Amalia's dream after watching the sunrise at Batu Bulan. Dr. Cita explained how to respond to an unconscious victim, check their pulse, provide breathing assistance and how to help if a victim has a sprain. "The aim of the field trip to Lubuk Baji is so that ASRI Teens can see firsthand the beauty of one of the forests in the National Park area Gunung Palung (Tanagupa), observing and learning about its biodiversity so that they can better appreciate the natural riches that exist in their area," said Etty Rahmawati as Environmental Education Manager and also an educator from ASRI Teens. The field trip activity which lasted for two days of course became an unforgettable memory for ASRI Teens. Like Thessa, who was staying in Lubuk Baji for the first time. She felt very grateful and happy to have had the opportunity to take part in this field trip, "I was very happy with all the material and activities during the field trip, such as observing amphibians and reptiles, first aid, bird observation, etc. because here we learn directly in the forest," said Thesa , member of ASRI Teens.