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Tasya's Internship Story at the ASRI Environmental Education Program

After the final hearing at the end of last year, I decided to try a new journey. At first I felt confused about where to start, until finally I met the intern program at ASRI and without thinking for a long time I immediately tried to register. Until one evening at the beginning of February I received a message marked "Congratulations, you have been declared qualified for an internship at the Sustainable Healthy Nature Education (ASRI) program".

So, this is my story while at ASRI!


Magang Pendidikan Lingkungan di Kalimantan Barat


A slight shift in 2021. Previously I had been to Alam Sehat Lestari that year through one of its programs, namely the Planetary Health Camp. At that time, several friends and I were introduced to ASRI and the concept of Planetary Health through training and visits to ASRI programs. We are truly amazed by what ASRI has done in saving forests while still keeping the surrounding communities healthy and prosperous. At that time I muttered to myself that I would love to return to this place one day. After more than a year, who would have thought that those words would turn into reality. Yes, I returned to ASRI and learned many new things here.


The beginning of this story begins with my departure from my hometown, Pontianak. By using the water transportation route, namely a speedboat, and crossing the stretch of the Kapuas River for approximately 5 hours, I finally arrived at Betuah City, namely Sukadana. The first place I went was a house in Sui. Gali which will be my residence for the next few months. When I arrived there, I was warmly welcomed by Sis Nisa and then I got to know several other residents of the house. There is Kak Limy who is funny and hilarious, Kak Aul who is kind, and Kak Sere, who loves fruit.


Internship in Planetary Health Education Program in Borneo Indonesia


Magang Mahasiswa dan Fresh Graduate di ASRI, NGO Kalimantan Barat


The next day, on my first day working as an intern/intern at ASRI, I got to know all the staff, then I was again invited to get to know various ASRI programs. What still interests me is the treatment system which uses tree seeds. Next, I was introduced to more about the educational program where I studied. There are Mbak Etty and Bang Wayan as a very cool educational team. I was introduced to many activities in educational programs such as ASRI KIDS activities, ASRI TEENS, Community Counseling, activities with the community in North Kayong and many others. After getting to know and studying the working mechanisms of each activity, I then had the opportunity to take part in these activities and take part in educational classes. All of this is something quite new plus it's like meeting lots of new faces and experiences here. I am very happy!


During my activities in the education program, I had the opportunity to visit and travel to several areas in North Kayong. The first area visited was Seponti. At that time, I and the ASRI team visited a school to monitor educational activities regarding the dangers of smoking from ASRI training participants to their peers at their school. It was really fun because I could interact directly with the students and also see what ASRI had done to educate teenagers to be more sensitive to health and the environment around them. I also had the opportunity to participate in activities during village outreach in the West Batu area and had the opportunity to go on an adventure to join a mobile clinic team to the upstream area of North Kayong, namely the Matan Jaya area. This adventure was really exciting and quite thrilling because the terrain the journey took was not only quite a long time but also quite extreme because it passed through several oil palm and bauxite areas in the middle of the rainy season with badly damaged roads. During the trip I had time to think about the oil palms that I passed and also the big risks to the environment that arise because of them. It's really sad, with the abundant natural wealth in Betuah land, there is still a lot of potential for damage caused by certain elements. It is deeply regretted!


Magang dan Study Visit ke NGO Planetary Health in Action di ASRI, Indonesia


Memberikan Penyuluhan Pendidikan Lingkungan Di Desa, Kalimantan Barat


During my internship at ASRI I also met several ASRI visitors from Canada. There are Sky and Vika. Meeting them was really warm and pleasant. We talked about many things and I also had the opportunity to practice English with the two of them. Apart from taking part in the programs at ASRI, after returning from the office, I and my ASRI friends usually spend time before evening on the beach around Sukadana. There are Yuli, Dewi, Azi, Eko, Bang Wayan, Rendi and Kak Ika who often accompany me and also spend time together on weekends.

It's really fun to be able to learn many new things while at ASRI, especially in the education program. Now I really realize that educating many people about the importance of caring about the surrounding environment is very, very important because everything we do to nature will always come back to ourselves.

Thank you for welcoming me very warmly here. Hopefully ASRI's work steps will continue to have a very good impact on a healthy and sustainable earth. Greetings Sustainable!

Written by: Natasya Adelia, graduate of S1 Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Department of Biology, UNTAN. Instagram @ntasyadellia