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Gaskeun!! Become an ASRI Volunteer in the Era of the Onslaught of Holidays

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tia Setiawati, student of the Soil Science Study Program, Tanjungpura University, Pontianak. Odd semester college holidays are just around the corner. Plans to return to my hometown were stopped because of ASRI, yes... Alam Sehat Lestari. It all started when I saw an Instagram post, then immediately went to the official website. I started to get curious about planetary health. Moreover, payment for treatment at the ASRI Clinic can be made non-cash, one of which is with tree seedlings.

“How can seeds be used as payment for treatment? What's the benefit?”

Based on this curiosity, I decided to become a volunteer to find out more about ASRI. After one month of volunteering and never being given confirmation, I finally received an email reply. After completing the UAS, my application letter was accepted. No need to think twice, (GASKEUN!) the next day I immediately went to Sukadana from Pontianak using a klotok boat. For 12 hours I was crowded with many people who, understandably, were busy returning home because it happened to coincide with the college holidays.

When I arrived at ASRI, I was welcomed very well by the very friendly staff. Then I received guidance first from Kak Laily and Mr. Rusda. While at ASRI I lived in Sungai Gali with really cool ASRI staff, namely Kak Nisa, Kak Aul, dr. Limy, and drg. Sere. "Thank you for taking a ride with Tia, hehe." For transportation during activities, I usually use the bicycle provided from Sungai Gali to ASRI. The view of green hills and rice fields means that I never get bored seeing it every morning during my trip to ASRI.


Sepeda selama menjadi relawan di ASRI


The Conservation Program became my anchor for one month as a volunteer at ASRI. I met fathers and mothers as well as brothers and sisters who were good at being funny. If you put it all together, it looks like it could be a comic, hehe. His jokes never fail to make people laugh.


The conservation program itself is very interesting, guys. In the first week, Pak Tarjudin and I went to the Sedahan Jaya nursery. There I learned about various types of seeds, from fruit seeds to wood seeds. Guaranteed that one day you won't memorize it, hehe. Next, I saw how to make a greenhouse with Bang Joni, Bang Jono, and Bang Jaka (btw, these people are not twins, huh).


Then I was also scheduled to go to the Dusun Manjau Forest Permanent Nursery in Laman Satong Village. It's really GAS (No Signal) here, guys. I was worried but after doing it it turned out to be fun. Staying here for a few days and going back and forth into the forest is really fun. The nursery here is wider and also when watering it feels exciting because you are with other friends (Alam, Asen, Zoel, Jelly, Novel & Vincent).


On Saturday (14/01/2023) because ASRI was holding a Gathering at Pulau Datok Beach, I returned to Sukadana by motorbike in the morning (it turned out that the motorbike had a bad wind in the morning hehe). The event is really fun and family time. There are many games that test honesty and teamwork. For the team in the game, moving the ball with 10 skewers made things a lot of fun because there was a lot of laughing and shouting (for my team, basically the BEST). For the team that feels like the ball is being held with their hands during the game, let's admit whose team it is, hehe. This is the most memorable activity.


Program Kambing untuk Janda di ASRI


The second week followed Mrs. Setiawati for the Goats for Widows program. I learned how to take care of goats well. Then I had the opportunity to chat with partners regarding the program. There was an interesting conversation between me and one of my partners.


"Grandma, how is the goat?" ask me.

"Okay, son, but I want my goat to be injected."

"Well, Grandma, if you want to get an injection, it means you're not okay." We both suddenly laughed together, hehe.


After checking, it turned out that the injection could not be given because the goat was pregnant, aka pregnant. Through this program activity, I also learned that providing guidance/mentoring to widows is very helpful and it is not surprising that some have had 12 goats after breeding from one parent that ASRI had provided at the beginning.


Next, I studied organic farming in the demonstration plot behind the ASRI building with Bang Jili. This organic farming needs to be done to support Sustainable Agriculture. Apart from that, I also learned about making compost, vegetable pesticides and much more. Then, in the same week I also took part in the Chainsaw Buyback program with Mas Agus and Bang Imam who provided assistance to MSMEs. This visit was no less interesting because I was able to chat directly with partners regarding the business they were running and how it was developing, as well as providing input and suggestions to increase partners' income.


Relawan ASRI belajar menerbangkan drone


I also had the opportunity to learn to fly a drone with Bang Sandy for the first time. I feel really paranoid and afraid while flying the drone because it's ASRI goods and if the drone falls/gets stuck/lost, then I'll be the one to bear the responsibility and compensate for the damages. But thank God it was smooth, safe and landed well.


While at ASRI I was really happy because every morning I could take part in the morning meeting with ASRI staff. I think ASRI is a very comfortable place. Then the sports facilities are no less competitive and quite complete. Every lunch break I usually play table tennis (ping pong) with the ASRI staff and you can't miss this, it's like a must on my agenda because it's really fun!!!!!!!!!! Can the chairman of KOASRI (ASRI Sports Committee) add a ping pong bet haha. Of course I will also miss the atmosphere in the afternoon after coming home when I usually cycle to Pulau Datok Beach. I think one month of volunteering at ASRI is not enough because ASRI is so comfortable. I want to add more time but what if the lectures are even waiting, hehe.


For me, being a volunteer at ASRI for one month was an invaluable experience. It opened a window to my knowledge regarding planetary health that health and the natural environment can collaborate to become something amazing and provide very good changes for humans. Health, Conservation and Education programs are interrelated and have a big role in the sustainability of living things. While at ASRI I also gained new relationships and friends. Thank you ASRI for giving color to my odd semester holidays.


Mahasiswa Menjadi Relawan Indonesia Belajar Planetary Health di ASRI

By the beach while eating

When I came home I met my ex (Cakepppppppppp…!!)

I say thank you

See you next time


Success and keep up the enthusiasm for everyone at ASRI. To the CONSERVATION TEAM and RESIDENTS OF THE SUI GALI HOUSE, basically love sekebon hehe *hand emoticon love 1000 times hehe. Best regards.