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Green Day ASRI 2018

The ASRI Foundation has a regular annual event known as Green Day, or cooler Green day. This tree planting event is one of ASRI's ways of strengthening relationships with ASRI staff, the community and government.

This reforestation activity is carried out during the planting season in the special cultivation zone rehabilitation area of the Gunung Palung National Park. The location chosen was in Rantau Panjang Hamlet, Harapan Mulia Village.

The unique fact is that the fields that the community has cultivated are rehabilitated by involving them. This is done to maintain the continuity of the main function of the forest. So that further forest destruction and forest clearing for new fields can be stopped.

Another benefit for the community is economic improvement, namely the plants in the rehabilitation area have high economic value which can be harvested after approximately five years of planting.

Meanwhile, in the long term, it is improving ecosystem conditions, reducing erosion, improving water absorption and carbon sequestration. This rehabilitation activity is included as part of Reforestation under the name, Garden to Forest Program.

This program started in April 2018 and was agreed upon with the Executive Director of ASRI, Head of SPTN I Sukadana and Head of the Greening Group. This was also known by the Head of the Gunung Palung National Park Office and the person in charge of the Head of Harapan Mulia Village. Meanwhile, the area to be rehabilitated is 17 hectares with 28 greening group members.

The 2018 Green Day event was held on Wednesday, May 16 2018 and was attended by ASRI staff, Health In Harmony staff, Amanat Trust (donors), representatives from OSU (The Ohio State University) students, ASRI Teens, Acting. Head of Harapan Mulia Village, representative of the District Health Service. Kayong Utara, Head of the Sedahan Jaya Resort, Gunung Palung National Park Hall, secretary of the farmer group, Friends of the Forest, secretary of Harapan Mulia Village and other invited guests.

The staff and guests who attended were very enthusiastic and enthusiastic about participating in the series of Green Day events. Before the planting activity, the event opened with welcoming remarks, then entertainment in the form of a stunning poetry reading from Mr Yohanes entitled: Wrapping Up What's Left. Next, there was an excited appearance from the dental nurse, Bagus, who read several verses of rhymes. Then while enjoying spicy porridge, all guests were treated to performances from all staff and ASRI Teens who sang the song Mars ASRI and the song Tanam - Tanam by Iwan Fals.

To close the event, all staff and guests planted together at the rehabilitation location. Unfortunately, in the middle of the planting process it had to be stopped due to heavy rain. Hopefully the seeds that have been planted can grow and help reforestation around the TNGP area.

Thank you to all staff and guests who attended and supported the 2018 ASRI Green Day event.

“The health of humans and the health of the environment are inextricably intertwined. "if both are not health, neither can be (Human health and environmental health cannot be separated. If the environment is unhealthy, then humans are unhealthy. Vice versa.)" -Kinari Webb-