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Take care of Wana

Wana Rimba...You can see the green stretching out, Covering the land so that it doesn't become barren. Becoming the foundation of an untold life. To you we owe Wana Rimba... I'm sad to see your fate now. When one by one the tree trunks fall down. Due to illegal logging that cannot be prohibited. Just for money reasons. Wana Rimba... On you many living creatures depend. Being a home for fauna. shelterBecome a haven for flora to grow and developBecome an oxygen factory for humans to breathe calmlyWana Jungle...Millions of hectares of your body are encroached on without the power to fightJust to seek a profitUntil you can no longer hear the chirping of birds, There are no more cheerful primates hanging around.The only sound that can be heard is the roar of saws terrible ironWana Rimba...I hope you will be preserved, protected until laterFor the sake of the sustainability of life on earthYou must always be green and beautifulFor the sake of the forest that protects mePlease stop the destruction, that's enough for nowNo more environmental crisis in this countryDue to the actions of selfish humans who can't be given a heartLet's protect the forests that we have love, for the lives of our future children and grandchildren