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Practical Work: Inventory of Butterflies Around ASRI

Let me introduce myself, Vincen Febilian, a 7th semester Biology Study Program student from Tanjungpura University. When most of my classmates had completed Practical Work (KP), I only started carrying it out in January 2023. It started when I received information about the re-opening of Practical Work for the even semester in early to mid 2023. Of course this was a good opportunity. I was offered directly to apply for a KP to several agencies such as the Alam Sehat Lestari Foundation (ASRI), Gunung Palung National Park (TNGP), Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (TNBBBR), Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA), and others. After looking for a lot of information about these agencies, I decided to choose ASRI as the KP location.


"Is ASRI a hospital?" Mother asked when I told her about the concept of planetary health which combines the concepts of conservation and health at ASRI. This concept made me curious and interested in doing practical work there. It didn't take long, my KP application email was immediately replied to and received within 2 days by Kak Laily.


Keindahan Pantai dan gunung kalimantan saat kerja praktik di Sukadana


The first impression when arriving in Sukadana is that the city is still developing with lots of green views. At ASRI I was taken on a tour and introduced to the places there, starting from the clinic, health rooms, conservation, to the garden area located behind the ASRI building. At first I thought I was the only one doing a KP internship at ASRI, but it turned out that there was Tia, an agriculture student, Soil Science study program from Tanjungpura University who was also doing an independent internship because she had the same interest in the planetary health concept at ASRI.

My first week's activities were to confirm the purpose of my visit and determine the KP theme. The theme I tried to propose was an insect inventory with the final decision regarding butterflies in the ASRI Mini Forest, and was then accepted by Bang Sandy as the ASRI Field Research Coordinator and my supervisor during the KP here. The reason I chose insects was because I was interested in these organisms. Apart from that, I don't want to be a hassle if I choose a heavy theme because this is my first time at ASRI and I'm not really familiar with the ASRI environment.

After presenting the KP plan, I had the opportunity to go to the ASRI nursery in Laman Satong for three days to help my friends there with their work. Even though it is very difficult to get an internet signal there, I can still enjoy it. While there I helped my friends (Bang Alam, Zul, Asen, Kak Jeliy and Novel) arrange and care for plant seeds, as well as taking care of forest firebreaks around the Laman Bersolek Waterfall Park. In the morning, January 14, I returned to Sukadana and was immediately invited to attend the ASRI Annual Gathering at Pulau Datok Beach. This togetherness event began with tree planting, then activities to test solidarity which were very exciting and fun. I felt uncomfortable when I took part in the gift exchange game because I was not told to prepare a gift, but I just accepted it because at that time someone asked for help to be represented.

"Thank you for the pink tumbler prize from winning the game, and also thank you for giving the prize of 1 set of clothes hangers wrapped in pink wrapping paper."

As someone who is not typically good at mingling, this event taught me not to forget to have fun together after various activities.


Sampling Kupu-Kupu di Hutan Mini ASRI, Mahasiswa Kerja Praktik


My activity after the Annual Gathering was to prepare insect nets before returning to do site surveys and butterfly sampling for one week. Then I was taught to use GPS by Tia and Bang Sandy to determine location points and simple mapping with the Google Earth Pro application. This experience is certainly very valuable for me because previously I only knew and saw the coordinates with GPS. Next, for three consecutive days I sampled butterflies using the Pollard walk method from morning to afternoon and evening. During the sampling I was accompanied by Kak Yuliantina because I was advised not to go into the forest alone, because there were reports of snakes there (even though I personally only encountered lizards for one week) and of course also for personal safety.

"Thank you to Sis Yuli who was willing to accompany me."

The mini forest is right behind the ASRI organic garden, which is an artificial forest planted with various tree plants including endemic and rare species, so that various natural vegetation and wild fauna can still be found. To the right, the mini forest is surrounded by dense green trees, while to the left and behind you can see empty land which looks like new palm oil plantations are being cleared. The existence of the ASRI Mini Forest is what made me interested in conducting insect research at ASRI.

I managed to observe 33 types of butterfly species in the ASRI Mini Forest. These butterflies consist of types that are widespread in various regions, but I have not managed to find rare types such as Troides and Trogonoptera. According to the results of data analysis, it is still possible that there are other types of butterflies that I have not managed to obtain or explore. This result is certainly a source of pride for me when I find out that there are many types of butterflies that like to live in or just visit the ASRI Mini Forest where they are one of the components supporting nature conservation which is in line with ASRI's goals. I hope that these observations are useful as basic supporting information for various needs in related fields in the future. I myself am not a person who is good at talking a lot so I feel uncomfortable giving a presentation on the results of these butterfly observations to ASRI friends with imperfect performance, but at least I hope everyone, including ASRI friends, will know and appreciate the presence of butterflies around them. ASRI environment.


Kerja Praktik Mahasiswa Universitas Tanjungpura di ASRI, Kalimantan Barat


It doesn't feel like I've been doing practical work at ASRI for almost a month. Even though I only had the opportunity to help friends at Laman Satong for a few days, I felt happy to be among ASRI friends, especially in the conservation sector, who had allowed me to work in their room. Even though I haven't visited many health programs, gathering together at every Morning Meeting and lunch, then listening to the stories and discussions of all ASRI staff about the activities and work of their respective programs is more than enough to give me an idea of the values at ASRI. such as kinship, harmony and equality. Then the planetary health concept which combines health and environmental programs side by side is added with the empowerment of the surrounding community.

Hopefully my presence at ASRI will give an extraordinary and meaningful impression. We also apologize for any shortcomings. I would like to say thank you very much for the opportunity that ASRI gave me to do KP and experience an internship here, as well as thank ASRI friends who were willing to help. I am very impressed with what ASRI is doing, hopefully next time we can meet again and be able to contribute better.