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Practical Work Experience at ASRI: Inventory of Euphorbiaceae Family Plants (Kastuba Kastubaan) Around the ASRI Nursery

Hello, let me introduce myself, Annisa Dea Safitri, 7th semester student from the Biology Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Tanjungpura University, Pontianak. I did practical work with my friend Syafira Fajar Sukma. I chose ASRI as a place of practical work at the invitation of my friend. We sent an email to apply for a practical work internship program and finally it was accepted by Kak Laily, the exchange coordinator at ASRI.

My impression during the trip to ASRI was that there was no signal for the internet, and there was only one when I arrived in Sukadana. Along the way there are many towering green trees, hills and mountains, and the rice fields and gardens of local residents make for a very beautiful view.


The first morning at ASRI, we attended a morning meeting  and introduced ourselves. After that, we were taken on a tour of the ASRI Clinic and explained what programs were being run here. Starting from an explanation of payment for treatment using the non-cash payment model at the ASRI Clinic, to reforestation activities and locations that have been reforested.

After that, the two of us met Bang Iqbal as ASRI Research Coordinator and our field supervisor during our internship to discuss the research themes that we would work on during our practical work. Initially I chose the theme of coliform bacteria in peat water. But after the consultation session, the lecturer suggested looking for an easier theme. Until I decided to carry out an inventory of Euphorbiaceae plants ( poinsettias ) around ASRI's nursery.


Our first trip with the visitors (Susan, Antonia and their three children accompanied by Mba Etty and Pak Jul) went to the ASRI nursery in Laman Satong and explored the reforestation site not far from the nursery. Mr. Jul painstakingly answered our questions about what trees to plant at the Laman Satong reforestation site. In between, we also found animals which are usually called woodlice or what could be called pill bugs. This animal still belongs to the Armadillidiidae family, which can roll its body like a ball.

I also had the opportunity to come and take part in ASRI activities from July 15 to July 21 at the North Kayong Regency Birthday Exhibition at Pulau Datok Beach. There, ASRI opened free health services and distributed free reading glasses to people who visited the ASRI stand. Door prizes are also provided for guests who come to the ASRI stand. I feel that the ASRI stand at the exhibition provides happiness, knowledge and excitement for the local community and visitors who still don't know what work programs exist at ASRI.

My activity after the exhibition was to prepare tools and materials before going to the field to sample plants from the Euphorbiaceae family. Before we collected sample data, Mr. Iqbal invited us to help check the camera trap that had been installed previously and look at the location where the sample data would be collected.

After that, I started taking research samples. I used the exploration method to see the presence of plants in the Euphorbiaceae family around the Laman Satong nursery and managed to find 4 species. I also took data around the ASRI Clinic and the nursery behind the ASRI Clinic, and found 4 different species from the nursery in Laman Satong. It's possible there are other species that I haven't managed to get. These results certainly become my knowledge and pride in finding plants that I don't necessarily know which plant family they come from. I hope that these observations are useful as basic supporting information for future needs in related fields. After obtaining the data, my friend and I presented the results in front of Bang Iqbal, Mr. Rusda, Mr. Asep, and Ms. Natasya. Hopefully everyone and ASRI friends will know more about the Euphorbiaceae family.


It doesn't feel like a month has passed and my practical work at ASRI has finished. I feel happy helping ASRI activities. Even though there are still some ASRI friends that I don't know, every morning meeting and lunch I always try to get to know my friends from ASRI. The stories from the staff there amazed me with what had been achieved. It is also kinship, equality and non-discrimination that makes ASRI persist in serving the surrounding community. Hopefully my presence at ASRI will give a good and meaningful impression.

I apologize profusely if we still have many shortcomings. I also thank you very much for the opportunity and experience that has been given to me to do practical work here. Once again, thank you ASRI friends who have helped us & launched our internship activities for a month! I am very proud of what ASRI has done for our nature in Kalimantan. Hopefully on another occasion I can visit and meet again.