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Happy smile after treatment: Health services come to the village, you can pay with woven material

That morning (26/7), Mrs. Maria, a resident of Matan Jaya Village, did not go to the fields as usual in the morning. He dressed more neatly than usual then took three of his friends to drive to the village office. When they got there, they sat with several other residents who had been waiting.

Not long after, what he had been waiting for arrived. The ASRI mobile clinic team arrived and rushed to prepare the room and items while exchanging greetings with beaming faces at the waiting patients. Doctor Cita put on her stethoscope, pharmacist Radia arranged the medicines, Dani put together free reading glasses, and nurse Clara started calling the first patient and doing an initial examination.

Mobile medical services were also opened. On that sunny morning, laughter and an atmosphere of joy filled the village office. This atmosphere makes Maria happy to seek treatment at the ASRI mobile clinic. He returned after treatment at the previous Mobile Clinic last March.

“Watch out, bro, watch your food. "Less on the durian," Doctor Cita warned Maria's mother in a joking tone when examining her. Mrs. Maria responded to Doctor Cita's joke with laughter.

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“It's nice, it's busy here. ASRI people are friendly. Moreover, Mom likes to chat," he said with a radiant face after completing the inspection and payment.

Not only Maria and three of her friends, Mama Ridwan, who had her child checked, also came home with a radiant face. He admitted that he was happy with the arrival of the ASRI Mobile Clinic team. She proudly shows off her woven work which she uses to pay for her child's medical treatment. For Mama Ridwan, the non-cash payment alternative is what makes her happy to seek treatment at the ASRI Clinic besides the friendliness of the people. In addition, there is an ecostatus area discount that applies to people living in villages around the Gunung Palung National Park and Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park. The better the community protects the forest, the higher the discount the ASRI clinic provides.


After the service in Matan Jaya Village that day was finished, the Mobile Clinic team packed up and continued their 3 hour journey to Perfect Village. Services opened that afternoon and the following morning (27/7) in a simple wooden building that the residents functioned as a Posyandu.

In this village, the ASRI clinic team has been eagerly awaited by several residents. One of them was Altifah's mother who that day came walking with an umbrella, carrying her baby. “I've always been a subscriber. "I'll definitely come if there's an ASRI clinic," he said after checking his waist and stomach. In previous services, Altifah's mother used to pay with seeds, baskets and mats. That day he chose to pay using a woven basket that his in-laws were making.

“It's nice not to have to pay cash. If this is the case, everyone can get treatment. "The people are friendly, the doctors too," he answered when the ASRI team asked why he repeatedly sought treatment at the ASRI mobile clinic. The atmosphere of the Mobile Clinic in Perfect Village is no less pleasant and encouraging than Matan Jaya Village.

Nek Sawah, another patient, really seemed to enjoy the service that day. He entertains the clinic team and other patients with his jokes. Nek Sawah succeeded in making the ASRI clinic team laugh out loud and forget their tiredness after a long journey and hours of providing services.

"They said there was an ASRI clinic that wanted to come. "Oh my, this mother stayed up late last night making this woven material," she showed off the woven material she had brought for payment. Even though she was not the last patient, Nek Sawah only returned home when the other patients had gone home. He really enjoyed joking with the ASRI clinic team.

"If there is a broken needle, don't keep it in the belek (can), if there is a wrong word, don't take it balek (home)," Grandma Sawah chanted enthusiastically as she went down the posyandu stairs to go home.

“Be careful, grandma. Get well soon! The medicine is taken. "If not, I'll take you home later," said Doctor Cita, smiling and waving. Grandma Sawah's return closed the series of ASRI Mobile clinics in the villages of Matan Jaya and Perfect, two villages located around the Gunung Palung National Park area from 25 to 27 August.

Doctor Cita, pharmacist Radia, nurse Clara and general staff Dani put the tables and chairs at the Posyandu back to normal. Medicines and remaining free glasses are put back in the container. They then walked back to the house of Mr. Anton, a Forest Friend whose house they were staying in and prepared to travel about 4 hours back to Sukadana sub-district.

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Doctor Cita hopes that the joy and laughter created during the three-day service can help treat his patients' illnesses, so that in the next clinic session they no longer need to seek treatment because they have recovered. "I believe laughter is the best medicine," he said.

ASRI's mobile clinic service is a program that is held periodically to provide quality and affordable health services for residents around the Gunung Palung National Park (TNGP) and Bukit Baka Bukit Raya (TNBBR). This is a form of application of the Planetary Health concept which believes that public health is essential and closely related to natural health, because communities are the guardians of the forests and nature around them. Without healthy Matan Jaya and Perfect village communities, it would be impossible to create a maintained natural environment in the Gunung Palung National Park area, West Kalimantan.