Current Volunteer Openings

As of February 1, 2017, we are temporarily suspending our volunteer openings for non Indonesian citizen. This is due to recent changes in Indonesian immigration regulations and visa requirements.

ASRI staff are working with the Indonesian government to understand the new procedures and regulations. It is our priority to adhere to Indonesian law and ensure the safety and security of all who visit. The volunteer program is of immense mutual value for ASRI staff and for visitors, and we hope to reinstate the program in the near future. Though we are not currently processing applications for our volunteer program, we have a form where individuals can express interest and sign-up for updates. Once procedures have been clarified, we will contact you.


Volunteers with the ability to speak Bahasa Indonesia, or willingness to learn, are given priority.

Short-term: Minimum 6 week commitment for medical volunteer positions, 8 weeks for conservation program positions, flexible start date.

Long-term: Minimum 6-month commitment, preferably 1 year, flexible start date



Physicians, short-term

Attending physicians are needed on a rolling basis to assist with on-site diagnosis, consultation and education to support first year Indonesia doctors at the rural medical clinic in western Borneo. Priority is for Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, or Family Medicine but other specialties will also be considered. A minimum 6-week commitment is required; lengthier stays are possible.


Teaching Physician, long term

A teaching physician is needed to oversee clinic operations and the education of early-career Indonesian physicians at the low-resource clinic in western Borneo. This position is roughly equivalent to a chief resident position in family medicine. Residents or attending physicians are encouraged to apply; training in family medicine and/or internal medicine is preferred.

Flexible start date, minimum 6-month commitment, preferably 1 year +.


Dentist, short or long term

Dental volunteers needed on a rotating basis to help in our mobile unit, mentor ASRI’s dental program staff and improve dental services and clinic programs. 6 week minimum. Year round openings.


Clinical Nurses

Needed in mentoring ASRI’s nurses in clinical patient management. Indonesian language skills helpful, but not required. Dates flexible.


Clinical Pathologist

Pathogist requested to help mentor the ASRI Staff Nurses as they train to be lab analysts. Indonesian language skills helpful, but not required. Dates flexible.




8 week minimum. Longer stay volunteers and those with Bahasa Indonesia skills (or willingness to obtain them) are prioritized.


Conservation Education

ASRI is looking for a volunteer with experience creating conservation education programs to help design and deliver a traveling conservation program to rural school children living on the edge of Gunung Palung National Park, one of the last habitats remaining for wild orangutans. Volunteers with children welcomed, actually encouraged, as the kids working together creates a dynamic positive exchange for the future of global health. Dates are flexible.


GIS Technician

ASRI Conservation staff requests guidance in the process of Shape analysis of forest conditions, map-making for general conservation planning as well as detailed map making needed to assess forest lost over time, natural regeneration, etc. Currently have Landsat and SPOT images from 2003, 2008, and 2010.

Opportunities available on-site in Indonesia or from a far.


Statistical Analysis

Assistance needed digesting the data from our reforestation efforts. Data has been entered into a database and we are working with the R statistical package.

Opportunities available on-site in Indonesia or from a far.


Reforestation Program

Individuals looking to gain hands-on field experience in forest restoration are welcome to apply. Candidates should be ready to stay overnight in remote areas with limited facilities, work outdoors in tropical heat, and work collaboratively with non-English speaking local staff. Minimum commitment: 8 weeks. Flexible start-date but greatest need is September-December every year.


Veterinary / Animal Husbandry

Experienced volunteer needed in providing technical assistance and mentoring to conservation staff in monitoring health of goats and cows distributed to local partners. Minimum commitment: 8 weeks. Flexible start-date, year round openings.



OTHER Opportunities


Alam Sehat Lestari is in need of a professional accountant or bookkeeper to volunteer in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Assistance is needed in streamlining our accounting system, teaching a very smart young Indonesian woman who has just finished an accounting course, and setting up more efficient methods for tracking multiple grants. Knowledge of GnuCash or willingness to learn is ideal. Indonesian language ability preferred. Dates are flexible.


Builder/Structural Engineer

A builder and/or structural engineer is needed to assist in the development of our new hospital facility.

1 full year, experience required, flexible start date



Experienced Photographer needed to capture the heart and mission of ASRI in high quality photos that can be used by the organization for media and reporting. Hobbyist or Professional photographers welcomed. Dates flexible.


Human Resources Specialist

HR consultant needed to help ASRI develop sound policies and guide management decisions as we grow. Ideal candidate has long-term experience in HR field. Dates flexible.


Mechanical Engineer/Trained Technician.

ASRI is in need of assistance to train a local repairman who is talented and quick with leanring new things. Main areas of need: electronic repairs, machine maintenance and trouble-shooting, wiring, etc.)
Dates flexible


Water Quality Specialist.

Program staff seek a knowledgable water quality specialist to help sleuth solutions to poor water quality issues for our wells project, to help set up water filtration systems, and train our local staff members how to maintain them.
Dates flexible