Pillars of Forest Conservation for Communities

Maintaining forest sustainability is one of the pillars in realizing healthy, prosperous communities and sustainable nature. Therefore, ASRI works together with the National Park and community in conducting forest conservation activities such as reforestation or replanting, forest monitoring, and becoming forest friends.

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ASRI's forest restoration program addresses the need for forest conservation issues and the desire of communities around Gunung Palung National Park (TNGP) to participate in restoring damaged forest areas. The work area of the reforestation program covers: Laman Satong Village, Begasing Hamlet, Rantau Panjang Hamlet and a mini forest area at the ASRI Clinic. The working model often used in reforestation programs is Accelerated Natural Regeneration (ANR). ANR is an activity of plant growth in forests that depends on natural processes in nature that exist from climax species, so it only requires little labor, low costs and uses traditional reforestation methods.

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Forest Friends

Friends of the forest or SAHUT are community representatives from hamlets that work with ASRI around the Gunung Palung National Park area. SAHUT actively assists ASRI in promoting ASRI's programs in the community and helps monitor community activities in their respective hamlets, especially those related to illegal logging and other activities that cause deforestation. SAHUT receives training support on conservation and health by ASRI staff and ASRI partners through regular monthly meetings to increase SAHUT's capacity in carrying out its activities. Since 2019, SAHUT has also been actively assisting ASRI in nursery activities with a total of 21000 seedlings collected.